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Xinjiang BaoTa Petrochemical co., ltd
Ningxia BaoTa Petrochemical Group co.,ltd Xinjiang office founded in Spet. 2003. The mainly business is sales of fuel oil, heavy oil etc prochemcial products. According the supporting by the Grovement, Xinjiang BaoTa Petrochemical co., ltd had regeistered in 20th of Oct. 2005 with 0.2 million Yuan.

Xinjiang BaoTa Petrochemical Co.,ltd is engaged in Petrochemical Products: feed stock, different final goods and half final goods. Trading, stage, transportation, primary processing, it is the wholly owned subsidiary company of Ningxia BaoTa Petrochemical Group co., ltd in Xinjiang.

There are two mainly recourse for Our company sales and purchase oil products: one is import M100 heavy oil, crude oil, fractionation oil and material oil, oil liquefied gas etc. The countries in middle Asian with boarder on Xinjiang have abundant oil resources. The most important trade way with china is outport the oil. Specially for these years, the oil trading between these countries with china become more and more.

Only the import business of heavy oil, fuel oil, fractionation oil and other oil products in Alashankou has reached 60 tons ( not include crude oil). And the mainly business for Alashankou China oil international career co.,ltd and Xinjiang Huaye Chemical industrial development co.,ltd is import oil products. Only for Alashankou China oil international career co.,ltd has more than 40 tons imports( not include crude oil). And that companies above are the mainly supplier for our company.

By this token, the supply resources for our company is very stable,. Alone with the opening oil pipe between China and Kasakstan, most oil products will be delivered by the pipe from Kasakstan to China. And it is an advantage for the railway, later on , most oil products will go through by pipe, it will release a lot of space for railways, and the quantity of oil will increased a lot. The supply of material for our company will reduce more limitations. Moreover, there are a great lot oil products in Xinjiang, production of heavy oil, fuel oil, wax oil etc more than 200 Thousand ton. We always keep close relationship between these oil companies which are producing those oil products.

Along with our storages have been completed, we will store up the oil product, and delivery by partially, it will be very conveniencefor us to purchase and store the oil products in Xinjiang, as well as the supply of oil products for Ningxia BaoTa Group will be more stable.

The oil products will give to subahdary company which are Ningxia BaoTa Lingzhou Petrochemical Co.,ltd , Ningxia BaoTa Chemical industrial co.,ltd, Ningxia Baota natural gas co., and Yinchuan BaoTa Refining Chemical-industrial co.,ltd etc. For refining enterprise. The refining enterprise above have 3.5 million ton per year refining ability, second refining ability is 5 million tons. The demand of material recourses is more than 2.5 million ton per year. Therefore, these refining companies are the stable customers for us, our company also the frist choice for them. Although we are in one enterprise with these companies, each companies has their own enterprise as legal person, each of them need alone business accounting, responsible for their own profits and losses.

At same time, those companies are increasingly close relationship between each other, common development.

Along with the establish and use of China-Kashakstan pipeline, and the pipeline to Lhanzhou directly, now this pipeline can instead of railway for transport the crude oil or other products and it is faster and convenient, it solved the problems of railway, one side , it gives convenience their when the railway has traffic jam, or sometimes it has been lack of tanker for delivering. Other side, we always ask for angry to transport our oil good before , but now we can reduce some steps for transportation, it will save a lot of time for applications, that is why we can delivery the good as soon as possible. Now, our company use our own tanker team for deliver liquefied gas. There is no need other application, that is the reason why it is very quick.

The company has wide material market, the final customers are stable, with safety and convenient transportation guarantee. Rely on the conditions above, our company will become more and more activity in the market, and developed very fast.